Dilip Kumar -The high tide that never ebbed – Happy 91st birthday Yusuf Sb.


Many many decades ago, Muhammad Yusuf Khan ensnared the film world as the ‘Jwar Bhata’ whose tides engulfed and captured the imagination of the entire nation and out of it rose a man we all know as Dilip Kumar – An actor who has been in constant metamorphosis in the flicker of continuity … one who was beyond his time by epochs. His footprints in the sands of time were to be sand dunes in the annals of history, unwashed and untouched by the pouncing waters of a shallow sea-shore. Well everything was shallow if one could fathom the man’s depth, his intensity, his ability to turn ordinary into extraordinary – whether it was a whole scene or just a dialogue.

He proved that the only thing you cannot take away from him is his class. And his quintessential aura. Then his anthem of love for all. His generous smile of fortitude. And the classic acumen that transfused blood into the silver screen.

I cannot think of any fine actor who hasn’t taken a page out of his life and time or bookmarked a leaf from his scriptural idea of acting. The Dilip Kumar, whose charm held enamored men, maidens, women and mermaids in good stead [but a nervous and wobblly standing] is young man of 91 years  today.

Yusuf Sahib, a whole lot of moments in my life, and a few missed heart beats later, I find all that I have had for you as an unborn, a child, a young girl, and then a woman are  still intact and tucked safely in my heart. Gratitude, love, adoration for that wonderful human being and actor that you have always been.

Happy Birthday Sir..!!! Wishing you many many more happy and healthy ones. Live happy. Live long.

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