Modi set to win Semis: Vasundhra will be the Sunday Queen: Most Exit polls will bite dust. Shiela, Harshvadhan may spring surprises:: Sukhbir likely ‘surprise package’

First Semi Final Goes the Modi way

First Semi Final Goes the Modi way



If our soothsayer, “V for Victory”  is to be believed,  most Exit Polls and media predictions on the assembly elections to five states are set to  bite the dust. Media credibility, already under a shadow, will take a further dip.  Contrary to most reports, Shiela Dixit’s  party  may not be entirely over and she may yet spring a few surprises even though her stars are in an uncertain zone. That means she will continue to matter even after the polls and a possible defeat.  But its going to be a BJP and Modi Sunday. Thus,  BJP capital candidate  Harshvadhan is also set to  surprise pollsters. He may be not be spot on about hisprediction of 40 seats but his stock is set to rise in the party.  BJP may be found fuming at Kejriwal tomorrow and Kejriwal at the Congress and the BJP. But regardless of results,  Kejriwal’s best is behind him. This will be his best election and he will only go down-hill hereafter.

A surprise package of the poll may be Sukhbir Singh Badal of the Shiromani Akali Dal. Watch out for this young man and his wife. They are going to assume national profile from tomorrow. He is set to assert his presence in Delhi, much to the embarrassment of his critics in Punjab and especially on the social media.

As predicted a fortnight earleir – much ahead of opinion polls –  the star of the show tomorrow will   be the Rajasthan BJP supreme queen Vasundhra Raje. Madhay Pardesh too is set to go to BJP but the sheen will be taken away by the stellar performance of Raje.

On other trends too, our soothsayer prefers to stay with his earlier take, with Manipur going the Cong way and Chhatisgarh quite the humdinger with slight advantage BJP, but nothing clear.

Over all, it is First Semi-Final to Narinder Modi.


In cricket, watch out for Shammi and Shikhar Dhawan.

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