Wear it right Wear it bright – All that you ever wanted to know about lipstick colours

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No one would want to wear the wrong lip colour, especially the ones that just divert attention from your shimmering pink lips to yellow teeth.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right lip colour:

1. Pale pink: Instead of blah nudes that make teeth look more yellow, pick brightening shimmery pink.

2. Sheer pink: A hydrating, see through gloss with a hint of a berry (versus orange-y versions like coral) counteracts subtle yellowing.

3. Light pink: Bolder than sheer glosses, these matte rose shades have just the right blue undertone to minimise yellowish tinges on teeth.
4. Bright pink: Whether bubble gum or fuchsia, these electric blue-based colours dramatically brighten, says Edward Cruz, a New York-based make up artist.

5. Bright red: Bold, opaque reds can make teeth appear up to two shades whiter. Apply two layers straight from the tube for a more intense effect.

6. Deep red: It’s little surprise that the classic femme fatale colour creates the ultimate sexy smile. Apply with your finger for a lasting stain-like finish.

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